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Terms of Service

  • No more than 5 edits on a piece, unless it's a blatant mistake on my end -w-'
  • No overly complex designs please! Especially with my chibis.
  • Can draw any animal, both flat-faced and snouted.
  • Payment is via PayPal Invoices
  • Credit is appreciated if you use my work as an icon/banner/etc
  • Please have a reference image available when commissioning me, I don't really do design commissions as they tend to take a lot longer to complete. It doesn't have to be fancy!
  • I do not do commissions that don't fit within the boundaries of the options listed here. Sorry!
  • Contact via EMail is preferred, but Discord or Twitter DMs are also an option.
  • Please note that I am autistic and socially anxious, so please be patient if I don't reply immediately, I don't always check my DMs every day. I appreciate your patience! <3
  • No NSFW, including suggestive stuff, no gore, and I'm better with femme or androgynous characters than I am with more heavily masculine ones.

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