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Species Blumaroo
Colour Blue
Sex Male
His Profile Here
An eternal stick in the mud, Bloo doesn't like getting into messes, and far, far prefers staying home with a good book. Sadly for him, he's rather often roped into silly adventures by Efoni. He respects Efoni, he just doesn't quite understand his enthusiasm for risking his, and everyone else's, neck.

Bloo is very proud of his intellect, being the most well-read of the group, he'll happily spout off random trivia whenever he deems it necessary. He's a bit blunt, though he prefers to avoid too much conflict. Otherwise he's mostly polite, if a little aloof.

He hates his full name, he'd rather if you'd call him Bloo. In fact he'll happily accept pretty much any other name. His mother must've hated him, it's like there was a limit on how many kids could be called Bloo in Neopia or something. Geez...