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Species Grarrl
Colour Rainbow
Sex Male
His Profile Here
When you first meet Boigragen, his large stature and sharp teeth might make you think he's someone to be intimidated of, but in reality he's harmless. He mostly eats rocks from the quarry and he gives a mean hug whenever his tiny little arms will let him.

He's the youngest member of the group, always ready to prove himself to his friends, and doggedly loyal. If Bloo isn't following Efoni on his adventures, Boigragen almost certainly is. With great enthusiasm too.

As stated before, his favourite food is rocks, but he'll happily eat anything else you throw at him. The group makes sure to keep him satiated so that he doesn't go raiding their own food supplies. Or any of their other supplies for that matter. Losing paintbrushes to a Grarrl is no laughing matter!