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Species Aisha
Colour Snot
Sex Male
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Efoni is a gung-ho, shameless, adventurous mess of an aisha, his outward appearance merely hinting at his record-breakingly slobbish nature. He sleeps in a swamp, he eats food off the floor, he leaves the seat up on the toilet, the man just doesn't give a single damn.

He's also proudly illiterate, much to Bloo's annoyance. He spends most of his free time napping, rifling through bins and searching for adventure.

Oh yes, if there's one thing that'll wake a tardy Efoni up, (apart from a half eaten omelette) it's the scent of adventure. He's got a passion for anything that puts his life in danger, not that much matters to him, seeing that he's basically just made of goo. Either way, he loves it, and he'll probably drag a friend or two along for the ride.