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Humble Beginnings

I first joined Neopets rather late, in about 2014. I don't think I really liked it very much, as I had no idea how to build in html, and I didn't exactly have the best social skills. It was also during the few years where Neopets had fizzled out and was yet to burst back into life.

Thus, it wasn't long before my account sat dormant for a few years. I only had one pet on there, even.


Move forward to about 2017, much had changed in the past three years, and young Caby was bored again. I turned back to Neopets, this time on a new account, because I'd sadly forgotten the password to my old one. There I made two new lads, Bloo and Efoni, and quickly got hooked.

(I also later managed to get back into my old account and rescue my one original Neopet, who is now my gal Koranai >:3c)

I was a lonely kid and I had a lot of spare time, so I ended up spending a lot of time on Neopets, reading through bios, through fansites, and through petpages. I played games and did my dailies religiously, it was a lot of fun.

I discovered the Art Gallery and started putting out doodles and bigger pictures for it. I got a good number of successful entries and it helped me improve and grow my confidence as an artist.

Another way it helped me was with the petpages. I didn't even know <b> or <i> when I started out, the closest I'd ever come to learning any html was learning how to embed a youtube video in a tumblr theme. The petpages were the first time I ever had to write in html. I learnt as I went, and I was awful at it, but I ended up with a page with a coloured background, coloured text that was centered, oh so fancy,,,

(Which in turn lead me to building websites on tumblr before discovering neocities, where I then met a boy who would eventually become my boyfriend, and who so kindly hosts this site~)
(The circle of life >>:3c)

Most importantly though, it helped me learn how to build characters, and my dearest Neopets are still important lads to me, each with their own quirks and interests. You can learn more about them in the Characters Section. My first writing on them is long gone, sadly, but it was still an important part of my development.

thumb thumb
The first and only drawing I did of my neopetsona back in 2017. Beware, it's kinda huge A drawing I did in 2019 marking the change from grey to cloud to suit my emotional improvement since 2017.

The Current Times

For the past couple years, Neopets has once again fallen to the wayside, my life got busy outside of that world, and it was no longer quite as important to me. But, in the past couple months, dcb made an account on there, which reminded me to check up on my own account. This in turn started a small Neopets buzz in the Somnol server, and we made a Somnolescent account with the purpose of building everyone's neopetsonas.
(I'm a cloud gnorbu, cammy's a desert lutari, dcb's a brown bori, borb's a baby chomby and mon's a pirate xweetok, in case you were curious,,,)

We've now all gotten rather hooked once more, and while it isn't as obsessive as it once was, it's still something near and dear to my heart, and I'm utterly delighted I can share it with my friends now too >>:3c

thumb thumb
Something I drew for caby's petpage, two cuties~ A cammaroo drawn for a Neopets stream my boyf did a while back.
More soft nonsense,,, Me and the boyf's neopetsonas~

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