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On my journeys through Neopia and beyond, I've come across many useful and interesting sites dedicated to the subject, many of these you've probably already heard of if you're an avid Neopian, but if not, let me introduce you!

Jellyneo.net The master of all Neopets fansites, Jellyneo is a huge, sprawling, supremely useful fansite, always up to date and full of useful info and links. Their dailies list is supremely useful, as is their 50k np a day guide.

Another good Neopets fansite, in the style of the original Neopets website, many good articles to be found here, and it's just fun to look at in general. Neopets Hive

Sunnyneo.com One of the first Neopets fansites I stumbled upon, it's got a whole lot of useful features, especially their articles on how to build and edit your Neopets profile.

One I sadly haven't used much because it was randomly blocked by my school's internet, but a useful one nonetheless. Good, big collection of premade user/pet lookups, too! The Daily Neopets

Dr Sloth's IE Need a specific Neopets image or graphic? Dr Sloth's got you covered. Supervillain turned image collector, he's got everything you could ever want, all tagged and categorised for easy pickings.

A place I used regularly to ponder what colour to use on my pets, an easy way to peek at how a pet might look under the influence of different paintbrushes. Also has the old sprites when available. Neocolours

Jellyneo's Wardrobe (Flash required) Another strong offering from Jellyneo! There are many Neopets dress up sites, but this one is my favourite. Easy to filter and find the clothes you want, so you can try them on a pet before you buy!

Feel like having a new pet but don't feel like making one? Wanna give an old and well-travelled Neopet a caring home? Lost and Pound is a must-visit site, by far the best way to find the perfect pet.Some of the pets on offer are two decades old! Lost and Pound

Neomerch Mostly used when I want to stare at plushies longingly, but probably also useful if you plan on buying merch. They even have a page dedicated to homemade merch!

I don't think this site has been updated since 2007, but it's so fantastically charming that I have to link it. A haven for all zafara fans out there, even if the forums are broken nowadays,, Zafaras.com