GIFs and Sillies

While exploring the internet on my quest to create this site, I have come across many INTERESTING things, and one of these things is the concept of ANIMATED images, otherwise known as GIF files.

These have provided consistent AMUSEMENT for me, and I therefore wish to collect them all on this page for you to enjoy them too.

First of all, these little buttons, of which I have found several;

gif gif gif

Thoroughly AMUSING and SILLY.

Other, more outlandish GIF files include 3D models and cartoon representations of aliens, doing silly little dances and other AMUSING things.

gif gif gif
gif gif gif
gif gif gif
gif gif

And lastly, I have some LARGER GIF files of more COMPLEX scenes, such as an alien exiting a UFO and an alien visiting a psychiatrist.

gif gif gif

This thusly PROVES that some LIGHT-HEARTEDNESS and JOY can be taken from the SPOOKY menace known as the little green men. I hope these animated images caused you as much entertainment as they have caused me.