Caby here again! So, back in 2017, I rekindled a love of Aliens and UFOs while clicking through sites on the now defunct Reocities archive, and ended up using a bit of my spare time to fiddle with ideas for my own species as well as characters, inspired heavily by cartoonish little green men.

I never took it too seriously, it was always for fun, but I do still have a fondness for the lads I came up with, so I might as well put content from an old site of mine here for safekeeping.

Maybe I'll revisit? It's probably unlikely, but you never know....

Oh and apologies for any spelling mistakes, grammar issues, etc, I can't read and I've never been very good at it~


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profile Age: 34 Human Years - Sex: Male
Xi is a low-ranking worker on a spaceship that has been assigned the task of researching life on earth. His daily routine consists of learning new information from the ship's scientists and inputting it onto the database. He also partakes in the occasional mission to earth.
He is shy and calm and usually withdraws from conversations. He inspires to obtain a higher ranking job. He has a soft spot for small, furry creatures, which they have found an abundance of on earth.
He has only just recently begun working for the company and is aiming big. Once he finishes his degree he's hoping to climb ranks to become one of the head scientists.
profile Age: 73 Human Years - Sex: Male
Jai is a short-tempered mechanic on the same spaceship as Xi. He is mostly quiet and very sarcastic. He does not like the humans very much and is looking forward to the mission ending. His main job is fixing broken pipes and servicing the ship engines.
He would never tell a soul but he's found out that he quite likes some of the music that they've heard on earth. Specifically classical. He stashes records under his bed along with a small record player to listen to some of his favourites after a long days work.
Jai comes from a poor background and worked extremely hard to get to where he is. He is very proud of his level 2 rank and mentions it heavily during conversation however brief with a lower ranking employee.
profile Age: 80 Human Years - Sex: Male
Nion is a loud and boistrous guy who is absolutely smitten with human culture. Specifically American country/pop. He hasn't been on a mission to earth since 1978 but it can't have changed too much since then. His prize possession is an acoustic guitar which he found in some kids bedroom. He also has a collection of old posters and some pretty great records.
He's the friendliest guy you could meet and very charismatic. Due to this he's quite popular, but he also enjoys the company of some less popular people. Namely Xi and Jai. Xi appreciates his company but Jai wants Nion to leave him alone.
Nion has been working for the company for a long time, and although most people like him, he doesn't work very hard and instead does the bare minimum needed to keep his job, so he has never improved his rank.


I never drew too much for this, as it was mostly just daydreaming, but I have a small amount of images to save here.

thumbnail A sketchy piece I did while figuring out the green men's uniform.
thumbnail A simple, clean headshot with gigantic eyes.
thumbnail A drawing of the smaller species of green man, with blood around its mouth I guess.
A clean version can be found here.


Lastly, I wrote a bunch of nonsense about these guys and their world, and it's too much to comfortably fit on this page, thus I've put it on a separate page for your viewing pleasure.
This can be found here!