After peeking at every TERRIFYING image in this gallery, I DARE you to not believe in these SPOOKY beings. My evidence is SOUND and CONCRETE and you cannot debate this.... u_u

WARNING: Many scary aliens lie ahead, they may CHANGE the way you percieve the world FOREVER.

[LINK] MUMMIFIED ALIENS discovered in Nazca, Peru, very SPOOKY, very REAL!
[LINK] TINY alien CAPTURED by citizens in Mexico.
[LINK] A STRANGE and OMINOUS alien surveying the cameraman from a hill above.
[LINK] SNEAKY alien peeks from the darkness in this nighttime sighting!
[LINK] Alien being ARRESTED for his crimes.


[LINK] MYSTERIOUS and OMINOUS swirling light in the sky over the east coast of Australia.
[LINK] DEFINITELY and OVERWHELMINGLY REAL video of UFO above a road in Lithuania. u_u
[LINK] VERY GOOD evidence of alien activity in the sky (and also a plane) >_>
[LINK] SPOOKY and CONFUSING footage taken from a security camera of an ORB 0_0
[LINK] DECLASSIFIED and DRAMATIC footage taken from the FBI 0o0
[LINK] My most DAMNING evidence yet of alien life, AMAZING and FASCINATING, brought to you by esteemed internet user, roco6699.