The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is a VERY SPOOKY creature, said to have been born after a mother cursed her 13th child to be born a demon, it's most remembered as a creature with bat wings, cloven feet, a horse head and OCCASIONALLY the body of a kangaroo, and is said to HOP and FLY with great ease, and let out a BLOOD-CURDLING scream whenever it wishes.

Its origins date back to the mid 1700s, but sightings began to GROW after a DRAMATIC number of sightings in 1909, where the creature did such DASTARDLY things as attack a trolley and leave FOOTPRINTS in the snow. Some label it MASS HYSTERIA, but I personally believe it to be the VIOLENT attacks of a BAT-GOAT-HORSE-KANGAROO, a BAGOHOROO, if you will.