The Mothman is a FAMOUS and INTERESTING cryptid originating in West Virginia. It is a TALL humanoid with GLOWING red eyes and a 10ft wing span, COMPLETELY PITCH BLACK in skin/fur/that strange dust that covers moths. Where moths are attracted to light, Mothman is attracted to DISASTER. It is commonly spotted before terrible occurrences, and is therefore seen as an OMEN.

It was first seen in West Virginia between November 1966 and December 1967, usually seen FLYING above cars on the roads at night, swooping OMINOUSLY. On the 15th of December 1967, the Silver Bridge COLLAPSED, sadly killing 46 people, and POPULARISING the Mothman.

OTHER disasters, including a apartment bombing in Russia in 1999, had people claiming to SEE the Mothman merely DAYS before strengthened the idea even more. Some may see that as a negative, or perhaps simply as an OWL carrying a FROG mixed with human superstition, but me personally? Mothman's simply trying to WARN US politely...