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The Spooky Zone!

Curated by Torrone Morbido...

But first, a foreword by Caby

This here is a collection of all things mysterious and fascinating, ranging from worldwide conspiracies to people throwing around tin foil in their back garden and calling it a UFO. The main aim of this site is to entertain, so nothing should be taken too seriously. One can always enjoy strange happenings without immediately believing they are true, it's healthy to look at things with a keen eye and a rational state of mi-

DOnt't trust her, everything you see here is REAL and TRUE. I have seen most of it with my own EYES. 0_0

...Sure you have, Torrone.
Anywhom, as I was saying, be rational when browsing this humble portal of spookiness, getting spooked can be fun but taking it to heart can be very unhealthy, as you can see with dear little Torrone over here...

*Harumph* >_>