Be warned, none of this is very organised and none of it makes sense, I mostly wrote it in school during lunch breaks. Also the paragraphs are way too long, lordy.


The green men (still figuring out their species name) are herbivores, but are also extremely violent. They developed from wild animals to intelligent beings in order to be more effective at killing and destroying everything around them. At some point a few calmer green men evolved, and were more intelligent. They decided that their violent urges needed to be stopped in order to succeed in the galaxy. They attempted many times to calm the others down, but it was unsuccessful. The calmer green men managed to convince a decent number of the others that change could help them become stronger, and inhibitors were eventually invented. The inhibitors are chips which are implanted in the back of their neck. The chip blocks violent urges from the brain. (Still figuring that one out) but doesn't stop any emotions. Green men still feel anger, they are just very unintimidating.

Functioning Green Man society is reliant on the chips not braking. If a green man returns to their violent tendencies, the other green men around them would not be able to defend themselves as the chip prevents it. Green men are urged to go to a medical center if they experience any signs that their chip is about to fail, the public is closely monitored for any suspicious activity so that crazed green men can be caught before they cause any damage and all green men sleep in seperate rooms similar to prison cells. These rooms have keypads on the inside which unlock the door when the correct pin is entered. The pin changes every day and green men are notified by their landlord through their chip, so that a green man with a broken chip would be unable to leave their room, and are easier to catch. It also means that other green men are not harmed before the police arrive.

There is no death sentence on their world. The most severe punishment is a prison sentence. There is still a justice system because although the average green man doesn't have violent tendencies, they can still experience greed, envy and other negative emotions which can lead to other crimes like theft and fraud. The prison system also houses green men which were not caught in time after their chip broke and others were harmed or killed.

Green men live to be on average around 300 to 500 human years old. They have a very short prepubescent stage and a very long adulthood. Where humans are a child for about 22% of their life (18 out of 79 years on average), green men are children for about 10 years, so about 2.5% of their life.

Green men stand at about 4 foot 2 inches tall on average at adult height. The males and females are about the same size. They are quite thin and do not develop muscle easily.

Their traditional language is quite basic and made up of different shapes that form different sounds. A traditional name will usually be made of two of these sounds. They also have a more modern language which was created due to issues which appeared due to intergration. Other alien species from different planets began to integrate into Green man society and were unable to translate their names and languages into green man language. The newer alphabet is like that of the western world on earth (a, b, c) and allows for a wider range of name choices. Many Green men continue to use the old alphabet as they find it easier. It is more common in the older generation.

The triangles on their jumpsuits signal what rank they are. One triangle is a lower ranking worker, the more triangles the higher the rank. No triangles mean they are either working for a seperate company or the goverment, or are citizens. Low ranking is called "level 1 ranking", second lower ranking is called "level 2 ranking" and so on.

On their homeplanet, there is a range of smaller species of greenman, similar to how there are other kinds of apes other than humans. They are less advanced, but due to the greenmen being capable of interstellar flight, the smaller species are capable of speech and are around the same intelligence as a human. They are less violent and more mischevious.

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